Posture back brace specifically designed for Parkinson’s patients.

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The Calibrace+ lifts shoulders up and provide back for support across the entire back, helping patients to:

  • Improve balance

  • Reduce back pain

  • Swallow comfortably

  • Breath more easily

  • Correct gait

  • Restore dignity


There are 42 million neuromuscular patients in America, and the majority of them suffer from imbalance and abnormal posture (i.e., kyphosis, scoliosis, and osteoporosis). Inability to maintain an upright posture decreases patient quality of life.  Postural instability leads to:

  • Back pain

  • Falls

  • Difficulty digesting food

  • Shortness of breath

  • Depression

  • … and more.

The Calibrace+ is an orthotic back brace made for the neuromuscular patient in mind. Lightweight and easy to wear, the Calibrace+ offers support across the entire torso. The patent-pending system pulls the shoulders up and back for maximum comfort.


Calibrace+ compared to other back braces


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My favorite part about the brace is the pulley straps. I feel so supported and I feel the straps pulling me up right away
— Terry — New Jersey, NJ | Patient
I feel like I can stand up tall again!
— Alan — New Orleans, LA | Patient
My husband is choking less now that he uses the Calibrace+.
— Lois — Pittsburgh, PA | Family Member
I prescribe a lot of braces for my patients and I’ve never seen anything like the Calibrace+
— Heather — Philadelphia, PA | Physical Therapist