General Questions 

What is the Calibrace+?
The Calibrace+ is an orthotic back brace designed specifically for individuals living with neuromuscular diseases and the elderly.  The patented technology works by rolling the shoulders up and back, which realigns posture and increases stability.

How does the Calibrace+ work?
The Calibrace+ works by rolling your shoulders up and back for total torso support.  

What are the benefits of wearing the Calibrace+?
There are many benefits to wearing the Calibrace+.  Those wearing the brace have stated their fear of falling was significantly reduced.  9 out of 10 patient had significant postural improvement while wearing the Calibrace+ as opposed to not wearing the brace.  Wearing the brace helps to create a sense of dignity, as a person can walk and sit upright while engaging in everyday activities.

Can the brace be used for people who do not have a neuromuscular disease? 
Yes, Calibrace+ is effective for patients with lower back pain, herniated disks, abnormal posture, and poor balance. 

What is Calibrace+ made of?
High tech, comfortable, breathable and stretchable fabrics materials make up the body of the brace. The removable aluminum spine is cushioned within a thick fabric and provides support and rigidity to the brace without adding weight.

How can I contact AbiliLife?
You can email us at, fill out the contact form here, give us a call at (855) 379-6283, or fax us at (844) 335-8496.

Instructions for Use

Does the brace need to be professionally fit?
No, there are five sizes to the brace, S - XXL. Each brace has various adjustable components to fit your needs.  

What size do I need?  
To size the Calibrace+ please measure the largest portion of your upper body and refer to the sizing chart below. The largest portion of your upper body for women is usually your hips whereas for men it is usually your natural waist.  

size chart 2017.PNG

Note: your true waist measurement needs to be taken right above your belly button.  Please do not record your pants size as your true waist size.  

Why should Calibrace+ be adjusted to be as tight as is comfortable?
The fit should be as close to the body as possible to provide maximum support.  

Should I wear Calibrace+ under or over my clothes?
You can wear Calibrace+ over a light undershirt but under other clothing.  The Calibrace+ is designed and manufactured to be worn under clothing.

When should I wear Calibrace+?
If desired, Calibrace+ can be worn all day.  The Calibrace+ can be worn in conjunction with physical therapy or exercise.  

Can I sit while wearing the Calibrace? 
Yes, you can comfortably sit, stand, walk, run, exercise, and conduct every day activities in the brace.  The Calibrace was designed to promote activity.  As such, the brace is comfortable and easy to wear throughout the day.  

Is the brace washable?
Yes.  Wash in your home machine in cold water on the delicate cycle and air dry.  Make sure you remove the aluminum spine before washing.


How can I order the Calibrace+?
You can order the Calibrace+ through our website or using your insurance with a valid prescription. More information can be found here.

Is the Calibrace+ covered by insurance? 
The Calibrace+ may be reimbursed by health insurance plans. A valid prescription from your physician is required. Download a prescription form to get started. 

What if I can't or don't want to use insurance? 
You can purchase the brace directly from our website for $1195. More information can be found here

When will the Calibrace+ ship? 
The brace will ship in 5 to 7 business days after you place your direct purchase order. The time for insurance purchases will vary but you will be kept updated on progress.